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La entrevista se conforma por una serie de preguntas que hace el entrevistador a una persona, en muchas ocasiones se trata de personajes famosos, importantes para la sociedad, pueden ser artistas, políticos, héroes, etc. Por lo general el entrevistado es cuestionado sobre algún tema en particular, aunque no es una regla, puede ser una entrevista abierta y no por fuerza a alguien conocido. Las entrevistas funcionan igual no importa en que idioma sean, en este caso les dejo un ejemplo de una entrevista realizada en un show de televisión a una persona que se dedica a las películas animadas, pero en inglés.

Ejemplo de entrevista en inglés:

INTERVIEWER: Welcome to Job Talk. We´re talking to Jim Harris, who works on animated films. Thanks for joining us, Jim. So what do you do, exactly?

JIM: I`m a  film editor. I´m the person who puts the animated movie together.

INTERVIEWER: How is an animated film different from a regular movie?

JIM: Well, actually, they´re very similar.

INTERVIEWER: Take us through the process.

JIM: Well, first, just like in a regular film, a script is written. You have to start with a good script.

INTERVIEWER: Of course, and it has to be funny.

JIM: Exactly. Then a director is hired

INTERVIEWER: Now, what does the director of animated films do? Direct the drawings?

JIM: Ha! no, the director, who is probably the most important person, manages the process. He helps develop the characters and works with the actors.

INTERVIEWER: So what happens next?

JIM: Well, drawings are made to illustrate the history, to show what happens. This is called a storyboard. It´s sort of like a rehearsal. When that´s done, the animation can begin. I´ll tell you how we do it the old fashioned way. It´s more interesting.

INTERVIEWER: Oh yeah?why?

JIM: It´s all computerized now. So first, in the old way, actors  record the characters´voice in a recording studio. The whole script is recorded.


JIM: Then, the backgrounds are created. It´s like building the sets for a play.

INTERVIEWER: Sounds fun. What´s next?

JIM: Well, the animation begins. First, pictures of the characters are drawn. The animator draws the pictures on a clear plastic called celluloid. That´s why they´re called cels. Each picture is drawn on a separate cel.

INTERVIEWER: Huh, then what?

JIM: Ok, here´s where it gets fun. They put each cel on top of a background picture and take a photograph. They do this many times. When all the photographs are put together, it looks like the characters are moving.

INTERVIEWER: That´s so exciting! so that´s that?

JIM: Not quite. The director and i have to put the scenes together so that they match the sound. The voices have to match the characters´movements. Once the sound has been added to the film, that´s that!

INTERVIEWER: Fascinating. Thanks for talking to us Jim.


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